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Bore It Inc. employs the most highly skilled, professional pipe fusion welders in West Chester, PA. Their welding techniques, in combination with our advanced electro-fusion equipment, enable us to lay virtually any length of HDPE pipe or other type of thermoplastic piping. The pipe fusion technology we employ is extremely cost-effective, whether the work is being done in a commercial or a residential environment.

Our pipe fitters know their job. They go about their work quickly and efficiently, and they get the job done right the first time. You will never be caught waiting because a pipe fitting procedure has to be repeated. Pipe fusion techniques are also used in instances where piping repair is called for. A weld that has been made is generally ready for pressure testing immediately, and the repaired section of the pipe will most often be stronger than the original pipe.

By using pipe fusion technology, we are normally able to avoid having to use special insert fittings, which can obstruct flow and increase the internal pressure on the pipe. Once we have repaired a pipe, it will be as strong as ever, and when our fusion welders' electro-fuse pipes together, they will not be pushed or pulled apart.

The technologies we employ are safe for the workers. There are no caustic chemicals or adhesives involved, and when they are working with thermoplastic piping, there is no need for exposed heating elements or flames to make a seal. Whenever you have a requirement for pipefitting or pipe repair, let us to it for you.

We are fast and efficient, and our processes are both safe and cost-effective. Ask about our services today!

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