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We have been providing excavating services to homeowners and businesses since 2005. Our name, Bore It Inc., says it all. When we install a pipe or a cable, we don’t dig a trench, place the pipe or cable in the trench, fill up the trench, and leave an unsightly mess behind.

Our excavation technique is a bit more subtle. You could almost call it covert. We go underground. The excavation we perform is called trenchless excavation. Pipes, gas lines, and cables are laid without disturbing lawns, plants, or walkways. Trenchless excavation is not brand new, but the technology we use is, with the result that our work is done quickly, efficiently, and it is surprisingly affordable compared to lawn, driveway or road restoration.

The next time a need for digging a trench on your property seems inevitable, consider the more attractive alternative. Don’t trench it. Give us a call instead, and let us BORE IT!.

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